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Does your JTV sound like this???

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Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get the best sound out of my JTV-59?  After watching more videos showing off the sound, I'm convinced something is not right, maybe its the Amplifi amp I'm using (which means I can't use the VDI cable, WHAT???), or is it the 20 year old 1/4" that I play through, or is it just me...I cannot get mine to sound anything like the sounds in this video:


I'm mostly referring to the acoustic models that sound amazing in the Line6 video - 1:20-2:25 is a great example of the acoustics that I bought this guitar for!  There are some cords that when I play I can tell that the modeling is dropping some strings like it can't process all 6 at once.  The 12 strings are the worst by far, in the video you can hear some pretty harsh strumming tones as he plays, I have to play mine SUPER light to get 75% of the sound that he is getting in the acoustic models, and my latency is terrible on top of that.


My intent is not to bash on this guitar, I love it, or at least I'm trying real hard to keep loving it.  And to be fair, most of the NON-Acoustic models seem totally fine to me.  I am desperately hoping that someone can give me some pointers on places I can look to get a better sound, something doesn't seem right to me.


FYI, my serial number dates my "NEW" JTV-59 as a November 2012 build if that's any clue as well.



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You will never be able to sound any closer to the acoustics but maybe will get the electric guitars sounding a bit alike. 

This demo was around November  2010 and only posted early 2011.   The guy is using firmware 1.71 .

 If your guitar has  the latest HD 2.10 you will never ever sound like that specially the acoustics, don't waste your time. Also the best sound for your acoustics on amplify is to select 'no amp' , but whish you best of luck with firmware 2.10 as it will still sound horrible for strumming.  


I do hear you when you say strumming sounds really harsh. Reason is the HD 2.10 firmware gives all acoustic a mid boost while cutting the  highs +  low frequencies.

Oh that also makes octave down sound nasal and horrible IMO.

So believe it or not . All these "enhancements" were to get the acoustics to sound mic-up. Although the new acoustics can be great for soloing/finger picking or playing pieces where the guitarist is alone on a mountain in Tibet. It just doesn't do any good for strummers. Simply put, I never heard a top 40 song where strummed acoustics sounded mic-up or even resembled any of the acoustics on HD. Anyway this point alone could generate another post.


The solution to sound like the guy in the video is to roll back to firmware 1.71 and wait until line 6 makes previews acoustic available on HD.  Wishful thinking but we gotta have faith, don't we? .

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Thanks for all the info, I'll try it and hopefully it doesn't make the electric models unusable.


I was determined to get a good sound and stayed up late last night creating a better "clean" sound on Amplifi, and I got a really solid one that helped pull some of the highs back out, but it was basically just an amp+eq with no effects chain, so I'll have to try "no amp" and see how that sounds!!


Great advice, exactly what I was looking for!

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Hi sdeverall,


I am using one of the Line 6 Variax A/B Footswitch Pedals and outputting the variax acoustic models to a small Yamaha PA I use for monitoring (XLR connection)and it's easy to then kick in the 1/4 inch output to either an amp if playing live or souncard (in my case a Steinberg UR22) if in my studio.


I've found this is, for me anyway, the most versatile setup.


The acoustics sound fine through the PA with some mild EQing, but I can't say I have compared them to the 1.71 firmware that others have said are better.

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"Dude, the acoustic from Variax 700 with graphteck can not be compared with the acoustic from JTV HD version..."


In a good way or a bad way?  Is a that a vote to rollback to 1.71?

The best way!! 


JTV 2.1


Variax 700 WITH graphteck piezos


So yes the acoustic of the earlier versions are way better, but the electrics are not so good on the earlier version.

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Wow!  That clip with the 700 sounds amazing! 


I was trying to find workbench 1.75 and the flash files for variax1.71, but no luck???  Anyone know where they can be tracked down?


In the meantime, the "no amp" advice on Amplifi was golden...Thanks zedopaido!  I was able to make a beautiful clean by using reverb and only adding a stomp BOOST+EQ to get the sound up a bit!  Using amp or cab emulation must be what is making the latency so bad, I can barely even notice latency now, its at least 75% better! 


If anyone is interested, I shared the two cleans that I am getting great results with, they are:



This one is simple but pulls a lot more high-range for a few of the acoustic models that seem a little too muffled, it brings them to life quite a bit.



This one is just a clean "Live Mic'd" kind of sound.  This one is my new favorite tone right now, its very basic, but has nearly erased the latency I was having before! 

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