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Oasis HD500x


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Hi, There's quite a few sites that'll help you if you stick it into Google. Also there's some good patches on custom tone. Some gear that Noel is noted to use from the websites I've read are a tube screamer, wah and space echo. As for settings I think you'll need to play around, because a lot of the early stuff especially is full of overdubs and multiple guitar parts. We do a cover of morning glory and I use all of the above in my patch and I think it sounds alright, I use the screamer for the lead parts and knock it off for the rhythm parts.

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I have a patch with 2 tube drives, one set so it's just breaking up (Don't Look Back In Anger) and one that's a bit more saturated (Rock n Roll Star). The tube drives are assigned to the foot switches. I have a digital delay set up on one of the foot switches too. If you weren't going through your amp I find the Park to be the closest to Oasis' tone.


Hope that helps.

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