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How To Use Distortion Effects


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Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to guitar playing and was wondering how to best utilize the distortion effects on the POD. Should distortion be added to the amp when the gain level is already set very high on it or should distortion be used with the amp on a clean setting? I know there's probably no one right way but it would be great to get some advice.


Thanks. :)

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There is no right or wrong here... Have you tried it both ways? How did it make you feel? Whatever sounds best to you at the time is the right way. Tomorrow may be different so change it up again and make it right at that time. Making music is no different than doing a painting. The artists' mood is what sets the tone and the observer will resonate to it or not, but either way the artist is in control of the artwork. Experiment and have fun with it. Inspire yourself! :)


edit to add:

However, that being said, I prefer to get my amp to the point of almost breaking up and then add a touch of boost to fully saturate the tubes and throw it of the top.

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