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HD500 As Midi Input in Software


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Hi everyone,


I have had a Pod HD500 for quite some time now and really enjoy using it.  Recently I have started to explore how I can use it to control other gear via MIDI.  I currently use it to control a rack synth module that I bought, and I use it to start/stop backing tracks in iTunes using Bome's MIDI Translator to emulate keyboard strokes.

Question - The HD500 turns up in software like Bome's MIDI Translator as a MIDI input device, however what exactly can I do with it?  I understand that it doesn't have MIDI over USB so what is this for?


I'm sure there's something obvious that I am missing (I often can't see the wood for the trees) but I don't see why this would show up in software if you can't use it for anything.  My best guess is it just passes on MIDI messages sent to the Pod's MIDI Input without actually sending MIDI from the Pod itself?


Best regards,


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