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Does Amplifi (all models) bluetooth pick up WHATEVER the tablet is playing?


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I gig using applications that create backing trax on the fly.  Like Magix and iRealPro.  Also some Internet radio apps like iHeart Radio or Pandora.  Some of these use their own sound engines.


Will the Amplifi bluetooth pick up this type of music, or is it limited to scraping iTunes and mp3 sound files?

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So to clarify.  If I press PLAY on one of my backing tracks apps on my tablet,  like iRealPro or Magix, the Amplifi will pick up the sound (that I normally get via mini plug cable from the headphone out) via Bluetooth and I can adjust the volume mix with the blend knob, yes?


If I want to use the remote app for the Amplifi guitar patches, my plan is to use a separate mobile device.

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I get my Music and charts each week through Planning Center-Music Stand. Music Stand will play back through the AmplifiFX100. As mentioed earlier Bluetooth won't pair with 2 Apps. So, when in Music Stand it will kick the Amplifi Editor App out, but the hardware in the pedal still functions normally. If, I go back to the Amplifi Editor, a "Amplifi is reconnectiong" panel comes up and it takes over, but the music still plays while I am in the Editor.


As s side note the first time I tried it, Music Stand wouldn't play back throught the pedal, I clicked on the volume arrow to see if it was turned down, and there was a check box that had "Headphones" or  "Amplifi" I checked the Amplifi check box, and it has worked ever since.


Since I also get transposed MP3s, I simple open the MP3s in Itunes and save them to a folder, re-sync and I can play them from the Amplifi App.


This device has totally streamlined my rehearsal time.


One MORE thing, in rehearsal , if there is a question about a part, I can open the file and play it back to the whole group by way of my send to the PA.


Saving up my dollars for the Firehawk!!!

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