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Line 6 hd500x can´t change tube amp settings,


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Hi, i have an issue. i got the Line 6 hd500x processor along with the Grandmeister 36 by HughesundKettner but by mistake for the next few day i´m with the Tubemeister 36 (in case you need to know).

I tried the amp without the processor and after that i connected the processor with the 4 cable method.I want to use the processor only for effects although i the future i will probably see how good are the simulations : ).So the problem is that after i plugged the processor i tried some presets for 10 minutes and then i touched the amp´s knobs and buttons, and nothing works,the buttons light up in their color when i change the channels and there is no difference, i touch the volume,high,mid,low knobs - nothing, the reverb knob on the back of the amp head, still, nothing. i can adjust only the master volume from the processor. And the main reason is (maybe you will find it funny) i want to see if the tube amp has the same sound with the processor plugged in, i want to have a clean connection between the guitar and the amp with the processor plugged in, and have the hughesundkettner exact sound, and then after that,over that sound to add effects,, knowing that hughesundkettner is ther (im not some crazy fan, i just think that the amp sounds really sweet)

 Anyways, nothing moves and i hope i didnt do something right,I have no idea if there is special option whenever i want to use only the preamp of my tube amp or the whole amp in its natural sounding, or i just have to disable the amp from the screen (i literally wasted the last one hour trying to figure out why when i connect the processor with the 4 cable method (i didn´t try other method) is my amp "frozen".maybe the processor is using only the power amp of my amp,but i turned every effect from the processor OFF, and still nothing. 



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When you use the 4CM your amp is using only the power amp section. Your preamp and all the preamp controls get canceled.



Not true, the 4CM method allows you too feed the Line 6 effects into the front end of your amp (preamp) and the send of your amps effects loop goes back into the line 6 into the FX loop block. So basically the 4CM method allows you to use your gate, boost, distortion effects into your amp, then the modulation effects post preamp.


Most liley the conenctions are not correct and settiigs and levels.



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I have a Line 6 DT25 112 amp and a POD HD500X with a Line 6 Link cable connection.  Does the four cable method still apply, or can it be done in a simplified way because of the Link cable?  


If I still must use the four cable method to get my natural amp sounds, can I leave the Link cable connected to use with other patches?


Also are there any patches available for the POD HD500X that would match the DT25 four native amps (Classic American Clean, British Crunch, Chime and Modern High-Gain)? 





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To the OP, Bjnette speaks the truth.


With the 4CM, you need to set one of the FX blocks on the POD as a FX Send. Without doing so, you're simply plugging the guitar to the POD and the output of the POD to the H&K effects return. None of the preamp controls will do a thing.


Think of the FX Send block on the POD as the H&K preamp. You (in theory as there are no rules) want wah, overdrives & distortions first, then the FX Send, followed by modulations, delay and reverb. The final POD output goes to the H&K Effects Return and straight to its Master Volume knob.


To PastorJohnLedger - with a DT amp, forget all about 4CM. The L6 Link is designed to achieve the same thing and to do so much more. The only thing you'd gain would be some CPU saving. I used to use the 4CM on my old amp, since owning a DT I've never used anything but the L6 Link. 


The amp models on the DT are also in the POD. 1 is one of the Fenders, 2 is the Park, 3 is the Vox and 4 is the Treadplate.

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Thanks Just Starten'.


The Blackface ‘Lux NRM sounds the closest to the DT25 Amp Model I with following settings:


Drive: 39%

Bass: 50%

Mid: 39% 

Treble: 50%

Pres: 83%

Ch Vol: 100%

E.R.: 12%

Mic: 57 on Axis

Cab Model: 1x12 Blackface 'Lux

Low Cut: 20Hz

Res Level: 0%

Thump: 100%

Decay: 50%

Class: A/B

Topology: I

Mode: Pent


For the DT25 Classic American Clean sound, what Reverb pedal and settings should I use on the POD HD500X to match the sound of the DT25?

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OP, did you fix your problem? I did a gig last weekend with your exact setup, worked so well I'm trading the TM36 for a GM36. Btw, both amps have digital solid state control components, it sounds like you zapped it with ESD. Maybe it recovered after a power cycle...

Also, the GM36 has good enough effects I'm not using 4cm any more...

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