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Substitute for Floor Pod Plus

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Hi everyone. I'm brand new to these forums (and guitars in general). I really need an effects pedal/amp emulator for a show on Wednesday. My first choice was to get a Floor Pod Plus since people have had such good experiences with them and it's in my budget. However, I cannot find any store with one in stock and need it soon. I do already have a FBV Express MkII (which I actually bought for a keyboard and it's USB MIDI functionality).


There is a Line 6 Pod 2.0 in stock near by me. I have read that it has the same "brain" as the Floor Pod Plus. Is this true? And if so, can I hook up the FBV Express MkII to the Pod 2.0 and get a similar use than that of the Floor Pod Plus?


I need to be able to have my guitar player switch between a handful of effects (e.g. Clean, OD, distortion, etc.) and have volume control and a little bit of Wah (very little!).


Will the combination of the Pod 2.0 and the FBV Express MkII that I already own work for me? I need to pull the trigger and get something soon...Thanks in advance! :)

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You are correct - the POD 2.0 is the exact same modeling as used in the Floor Pod Plus.  All the same cabs and amps are there.


There are a lot of additional effects on the FPP, most notably a pretty nice Univibe!  But, if those FX features (and the built-in wah) are not a necessity then the 2.0 is a good way to go. 


(Take a moment to confirm that the FBV Express will work with the 2.0, that point I am not sure about.)

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