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JTV-69 How to tune the variax & Alternate tuning problem ?

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There is a way to tune the variax JTV-69 ?

I try from the tuner of the HD500X but the result is not good ! 


Another thing is when i use model & standarg tuning everything is fine, but for the rest of the alternate tuning the strings are out of tune & i cannot do a simple guitar chord ! ..


is this is normal ? ..I thought that by changing the alternate tuning that the strings (the variax) would stay in tune, but it's not the case !


What i have to do ? 



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Sounds like your intonation may need adjusting. That will throw off the alternate tunings. Might also just be an old set of strings. Even if you just got the guitar, the strings could easily be months old...and even if they weren't played much, just being on the guitar long enough and tuning stability goes bye-bye.


I'd try a new set and check the intonation first. Then worry about a more exotic problem after you rule out the simple stuff.

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I do not trust the tuner on my Pod.  I use my Peterson tuner plugged into the pod.  The locking tuners on my JTV69S are great.  It is easy to tune.  I don't use the wammy but the trem is still floating.  New strings and intonation are required when you purchase any guitar.  I have not had one yet that was to my tuning standards out of the box or out of the guitar store.

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New strings and intonation are required when you purchase any guitar : I understand but am i the only one in this case ?

I have 4 guitar (Strat HSS. Ibanez roadstar 1984, Accoustic Yamaha & JTV-69 ... all have a good intonation but not the JTV-69 .



Model =good tune

Standard = good tune

& the problem begins at

Drop d = the 6 string are out of tune (the 5 other are ok)

The rest of the alternate tuning are really bad


To be sure, this week i spend hours to get a right intonation of all my guitar (even if they do not need it) & JTV-69 can't reach the perfection.


I need help because it's for an old project from 1989-1992 that i have restart in 2014-15 ...with very good songs from these days !


Is this possible to tune ALL the ATERNATE TUNING PRESET Variax from the HD500x  ?

I have try but i do not know how to save the tuning ( anyway i do not know if i have done right this part)


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Most reported problems with alternate tuning end up being caused by the natural acoustic resonance of the physical string on the guitar, which is in standard tuning. So, for instance, when playing at normal volumes in the alternate drop-d tuning you will hear both the naturally produced low E note (unprocessed and unamplified - straight from the string) as well as the altered low D from the processed and amplified sound. It requires a surprisingly high volume of the processed and amplified sound to completely drown out the acoustic string sound as far as your ear is concerned.


There's only sure test. Record a sample of the sound, then play it back. In most cases the playback sound is fine, and contains only the alternate tuning. That means the other sound you are hearing is not present in the recording, and is in fact the natural acoustic sound of the dissonant strings.


Try it. If you still hear the dissonance in the recording then there is a different issue.

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I have try a fast test in Cubase 8 & recording Drop-d & 2 other : & it seems to be ok , but for all other they are out of tune !

But this week-end i will do a recording test & put the video on youtube for all alternate tuning result !

Thanks !  

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Check in workbench to make sure you don't have parallel pitch on. That can detune your guitar strings.


Make sure there's no warble either. That can give the illusion of it being out of tune.


Make sure you're not getting any ghost notes when playing a note. This is when string vibrations bleed into another piezo pickup that is alternate tuned differently than the string the vibration is coming from. Basically it's having 1 sound pitched differently and the other pitched differently from that, so it sounds like 2 notes.


Make sure you're not hearing the actual strings while you play. Turn up your amp or use headphones if you can hear your physical strings, like when it's unplugged.


And the obvious: make sure your guitar is actually in tune.

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