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how to set up dual amps L link to DT25?

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I am trying to set up a Joe Bonamassa preset with dual amps in my pod 500x going via L6 link to DT25 I do not use cabs and am using pre amps as usual for setting up the amp.  JM uses 2 amps at a time usually a Dumble clone and a Marshall now much to my dismay although there are boutique amps in the pod Dumble(probably the most expensive in the world) is not one of them and the nearest I can get to an overdriven Dumble sound is a treadplate with a bit of jiggery pockery once I have set this up I bypassed the treadplate and dialled in a Marshall JTM45 With less OD however when adding the amps a weird thing happens the distortion is totally over the top and not what you would expect if you were actually using the real amps in a room secondly I can put both drives on each amp to zero and they are both overdriven has anyone experienced this or is there a better way to program the pod that I am missing or is trying a patch with 2 amps going to a single DT25 something you can not do properly and is reserved for the studio or 2 LT's?

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If you are using dual paths then 2 amps would be better. But you can use dual amps on 1 DT25. Not sure about your distortion issue. Does a treadplate get clean? I've never used that model. Try assigning the output of amp 1 to amp A instead of left/right which I believe is the default. Assign amp 2 to amp B. This will cut off all FX after the mixer block so be aware of that. Then assign exp 1 to control the volume of amp A and use the second external exp to control the volume of amp B. Maybe this way you can find out the bad distortion culprit. Also it will allow you to blend the amps together better.


Give it a shot and see what happens.

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WHAT? Grow a pair buddy! Who is running the show over there at case de Irwin? When I'm ready to crank up the rig and belt out some tasty licks, I better not hear anything out of my Old Lady!


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You should be able to keep path A and B hard left and right in the mixer and mute one of them to check out each amp by itself.

If you move them to center and mix both you'll get an additional 6dB signal strength assuming they both have same volume.

That extra volume may push the HD output path (after the mixer) into soft compression/distortion which is not coming from the amp models but from the HD's attempt to avoid clipping on this path.

You should be able to dial the gain of both channel A and B down by say 6dB and check whether the extra distortion goes away on the combined signal.

If that's not it I have no clue what would cause distortion if you combine the amps.

Good luck,


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Oh your a brave man it was 11 at night when I posted and if I started I would have got the wrath of God look and I'd be running quicker than a cat through a dogs home

I feel you on that Bro! I've done a few sprints in my day! It keeps the marriage fresh!

Me? Brave? HA! I'm a frikkin Super Hero….on the internets! At home?…I have really good Headphones!

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