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Hd Pro Input Level


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Greetings, is there any way to determine if I'm hitting my HD Pro's inputs with enough signal, but not too much?


I'm driving it with a Sennheiser G3 572 wireless that can crank out +16dB of signal on the 1/4" output.


With my old XT Pro, I'd open up the wireless output until the XT Pro's red LED flickered on only the hardest power chords.  This would give me maximum SNR without clipping the XT Pro input.


There doesn't seem to be any way to do this with the HD Pro.  Am I missing something?

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Take out everything in the signal path - no FX, no AMP. Then use the S/PDIF output into a DAW and look at the meters. That'll tell you how close to clipping you are. Some DAWs have a clip indicator, so that would be even better. The key is to have your input signal transfer directly to the digital output with nothing in between. That way you're measuring the input signal.

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