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Hd 500 Usb Pins Bent


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Sorry for ahving this started topic over again but i wasn't able to find it in the discussions. Even my hd 500 usb pins have bent. But the problem is that i'm in India, and i bought my pod two years ago from the US. What am i to do? Will it work if the pins are straightened again? It shows power surge on USB port when i tried to straighten it. Please help!


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Yes, this happenbs to a lot of us. The USB connector is not very robust. Don't even try to straighten the pins. It'll be futile. If you're handy at soldering you can replace the USB connector yourself (since it's out of warranty anyway). http://line6.com/support/message/381500 has a link to Mouser where you can buy the part you need. They're less than $1 USD each.

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Hello there to everyone, unfortunately i have the same problem! and i am out of warranty! 


My question is if i can replace the usb port with a different and better quality usb port to avoid the same issue latter !


i have this USB port now " http://i42.tinypic.com/ot2knr.jpg "


and i want to replace it with that USB PORT " http://www.harmonycentral.com/legacyfs/online/19769_RearRight.jpg "


Anyone know what usb port type is the second pic? It is possible to do that?



Also i find this as i make a searching about my problem


http://www.thegearpage.net/board//showthread.php?t=1241875 "  

It is possible? 



Thank you...


*Sorry for my bad English 

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