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Midi and Looper questions


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Hi, before to purchase I have some questions about the Pod HD 500X :

1) I need to understand how to set the HD500X to send and receive the Midi Clock from external hardware midi devices

2) How to send and receive MidiClock from and to my Cubase?

3) About the Looper behaviour, after that I record one or more loops, do they will be synchronized with internal time-based effects?   Also, viceversa do the internal time-based Fx will be synched with the Looper?

4) Do the Looper has a kind of Quantize feature?


Let me know,


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The looper does not have a "quantized" feature, but you can send Midi clock information from Cubase (or another DAW). I use my DAW to control tempo for time-based FX, my patch changes, and enabling the looper features. By setting specific events in Cubase, you can keep the loops in time with everything else. I can't give you exact instructions, as I use Logic Pro X.

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AFAIK the looper does not sync in any way to midi clock. Only the time based effects (delay) do, and then, only if you set their length to be a note number. Many will be using milliseconds by default.

1) I don't know about send. It receives automatically if you put clock messages in the midi port.

2) Use the midi IN/OUT interfaces. Line6 were lazy and did not implement midi over usb. Which is a terrible shame. I guess the features looked good enough on paper.

3) No. The time based effects will sync to the clock, so the echos will be synced, but the start and end points of the loop will not.

4) No. It's rubbish. Get a Boss RC looper.

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