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Hey there.

I tried searching around for a topic that might help me resolve the issues I seem to be having,but everything I have tried seems to be failing.

Im using Reaper with my UX2.I have a Seinheisse E825 S running in with an XLR using either Gearbox or PodFarm
I was trying to run the channel in dry,as I want it sound as natural as possible as I have it mic'd up to my HD147,but when I record,the volume seems to be incredibly low on playback.
Can anyone tell me if I might be doing something worng?

I also seem to get latency issues through my headphones when playing.
Im completely stumped,but if any other info is needed to help me get up and running (I'm kinda new to this,so I could even be wrong with some of the terminology Im using) I can provide it,and I'd be grateful for any help

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It was up at max when I tried.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to load any preamps,as I was looking for the sound to be as close to whats coming in through the mic as possible
And its the red faced one
Cheers for the help so far

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Since you have the Toneport, you likely do not have the POD Farm plug-in unless you purchased the license.

The newer POD Studios come with POD Farm 2.5 Standalone and Plug-In (tied to the software)


You can capture both the wet and dry signal simultaneously to different tracks in your DAW.

This is helpful for you to be able to hear a decent level while recording, you can then add plug-ins to the dry track post processing.


Without hear or seeing the waveforms, what you are getting for levels may be normal, a mic's signal needs to hit a gain stage somewhere for it to be usable.

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