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These are for the JTV 59 Owners who can't swap necks.....

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This is my favorite part...



"PROTECTS - Our graphic fingerboard protectors will safely shield your fingerboard from the natural acidic properties of your fingers and hands. Not to mention dirt, grime. Over time, the combination of this acid and friction can develop into small divots that can hurt the value of your guitar."


I guess that's why all those old sought after D'Angelico archtops only command 5-figure prices, 50+ years after the last one was made...its all those fretboard divots. If only they could have covered up the gorgeous, handcrafted rosewood and ebony boards with their mother of pearl and abalone inlays with a plastic Mona Lisa, or maybe some super classy zebra stripes...think of what they'd be worth, lol.


Some things don't need fixing...

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