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HD500x - Link - pair of DT25's

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This is a tricky rig to make work! I quickly realized that I have to pre-program all my patches with the link behavior on a patch by patch basis. As compared to linking between two L2t's for example- they just automatically go into stereo, or whatever setting is in the mixer- using a pair of DT amps seems to function a bit differently. Because with the DT amps there is also 'sync' behavior determining the power amp settings, it takes the complexity to a different level.


Still not 100% certain how the physical knobs on the two DT's interact with the HD500 amp model settings. If anyone else is doing this kind of dual DT -HD500(x) linked rig, and you have some advice, I am all ears!


I was having issues sorting out which controls work; for example, if you set up a patch with two amp models; there are actually multiple settings screens which control the link behavior. 


The key parameter seems to be the 'sync' setting; this is what tells DT#1 power amp to match the amp model typology settings in amp model A, and DT#2 power amp to match amp model B.


Then there is another screen which allows you to route the actual signal - the pre FX, the 'pre' amp model, and the post FX.


What I was getting stuck with; was I though that adjusting the physical knobs on DT#1 would adjust the corresponding settings on the HD500 amp model A; and adjusting knobs on DT#2 would do the same for amp model B. I *think* this is how it works, but I gave myself all sorts of trouble last night trying out this dual DT rig for the first time. At various points, I would have one or the other DT go completely silent; with what I thought was a pretty straight forward two amp model patch with no FX.. Eventually with enough mixing and matching of the pre amp models, was able to get some cool dual amp model tones. And of course the obligatory geek out session in 'stereo' using the ping pong delay.


I noticed they changed around the setlist titling in the 500x, and they have a whole section dedicated to Link with DT amps. Those are a good starting place, rather simple, and you have to tweak them a bunch to get them into dual amp setups, but it's a good starting place.


I realized that the two 'pre' amp models, via the mixer block don't *need* to be panned in stereo to achieve stereo effects. Any stereo effect placed in the post mixer slot will function in stereo; it's just the preamp signals that are being merged - the power amp settings are still dictated by the 'sync' settings. I guess if you want to have "dual mono" then you pan the two pre amp models hard left and right. The thing is, it's the sync settings which influence the volume spikes the most. If you lock the power amp settings on DT amps, then cycle through the preamp models; they are all essentially the same, just tone stacks. OR at least that's what it seems like.


I totally did that thing last night around midnight, where you turn the wrong knob, and with the wrong amp model, the whole rig increased the volume by around 10x for one chord....I jumped about a foot out of my chair!


It seems like matching comparable power amp settings helps alot; if you want to blend radically different amp model typologies in one dual amp patch, use the mixer block to individually adjust the output level to balance them. I see how those are critical - there are HUGE volume jumps from certain amp model power amp (sync) settings.


Anyway, I will have some time to research this and think about it a bunch; because both amps are going to the repair shop today to get new JJ's tubes, and it will be a couple weeks before I have them back.


For what it's worth, having dual stereo rigs is pretty cool. I am thinking the old HD500+two L2t's will be the JTV acoustic rig; and the HD500x with the two DT25's. I would probably seriously entertain the new Variax standard, so one guitar is the dedicated acoustic models, and the other electric. I could split the signal from one guitar, but I prefer using the electric models to the magnetic pickups; don't want to be limited to just mags I couldn't believe how much better the JTV acoustic models sound through the full range / studio direct mode linked to the two L2t's, I put the two DT25's on amp stands, and put the two L2t's on their side, tilted back on their rockers, up against the front legs of the two amp stands. Overall, total overkill. But way fun. STEREO!!!!! The ping-pong delay is just too much fun :)

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What I was getting stuck with; was at various points, I would have one or the other DT go completely silent; with what I thought was a pretty straight forward two amp model patch with no FX.. 


I *think* I figured this out; while driving to work today. It just occured to me that, if you have a patch which:


1. has no FX in the slots before the amp models

2. has two amp models, panned hard left and right

3. set the input settings to different sources; as I did...


Then, it sees two amp models and two input sources, and one of the input sources in my case was empty (I had nothing plugged into the guitar in)


I had set input 1 to variax, and input two to guitar - old habit from running single amp models...

In doing so, I muted one amp by not sending it any signal!



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