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cracked screen

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hi everyone, I just noticed I have a very small nick or crack in the LCD. I don't think it's completely through however it's quite distracting, also, i'm worried that it will continue to grow like the windshield on a car, you know, it starts out as a small thing then a while later you're calling the glass place. my question is, can this be fixed, or is it something I don't need to worry about?


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Just in case:  http://www.fullcompass.com/product/474570.html





Just in case anyone on United States goes through the pain of having a broken display for their POD HD500X, I found a store with the part. I can't get it yet because I live in Bolivia (and no one gives a lollipop about us) so I have to do a lot of lollipop to order stuff from United States... I'm glad I can still use my POD without any issues because the "black spots" on the screen get lost when the POD is turned on for like 15 minutes. Anyway, here's the number and part# of the lcd display of the POD HD500X

Part# 50-02-0156  (LCD SCREEN, HD500X POD)  $34.00 each + shipping

If you would like to place an order, please have the part number ready and give our sales team

a call at 800-356-5844 (please ask for sales)

Full Compass Systems

9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy

Madison, WI 53593-8442

P: 608-831-7330                                                   

F: 608-831-6330

E: hionis@fullcompass.com


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thanks, now, how the hell do I fix it?


Good question. Just dive into it yourself or send it to someone who does this sort of thing. I wonder what the charge for that job would be...wait I'm afraid to ask, lol.


Remember if it's not broke don't fix it. I don't think a little crack in the lens is a big deal.

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