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HD500X with in ear headphones on stage


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Seriously considering to buy HD500X.
I want to minimize my gear and think HD500X is good solution.
I can not find information on the following issues:
  1. Can I use HD500X to mixed signals from the PA in in-ear headphones and so to use it as personal monitor system.
  2. If "YES" which input to use for the signal from the PA (CD/MP3, AUXIN?).
  3. Can I control the signal strength from my guitar and mix PA.
  4. Do I need additional settings to prevent the signal from the PA to be back in the mix from the processor output, ie to be heard only in the headphones.

If "NO"... :(

Thanks in advance for your replies :-)

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You'd probably want to use the CD/MP3 input since there's no ADC/DAC conversion there and it doesn't use up any processing resources. However, you have no control over PA volume. That needs to be adjusted by the PA guys.


Alternatively, use the Aux input and pan it far Right. Pan the Guitar input far Left. You'd only feed the Left channel to the PA. This way you have control of the mix but you'll hear the PA in only one ear unless you use an external Y-adaptor cable to send it to both ears.


Here's an interesting idea - use the FX Send loop in only 1 of the signal paths (you have 2). Feed the guitar into Path A, place the FX Loop after the amp sim but before the mixer, and connect the FS Send to the PA via DI box. Then connect the PA signal to Aux in to Path B and on to the mixer to the headphones. This way you control the PA volume in your headset, which you now hear thru both ears.


With 2 completely independent signal paths and a variety of input/outputs there is a great deal of flexibility.

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I would skip the POD when going from PA to headphones. 

But that is just me and my situation. 


I use headphones (regular dollar store headphones, nothing special) at places like my home. And I have a wireless set of headphones that I can use anytime.  

On stage, I mostly use the floor monitors.


But when I am required to use IEMs, they are provided for me. Which is why I say 'based on my situation'. 

If needed, I can have it split, me coming out of the right and everything out of the left. 

It goes straight from the board to my ears. No coming back to anything. No reason to input it back to the pod. 



Would skipping the Pod work for you? 

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"pianoguyy" - I understand "your situation", and you are absolutely right.
But I just wondering if line 6 provided this functionality. I think it's not so complicated to be made.
With something like:
good in-ear headphones and pod you'll have good IEMs without to buy additional hardware like headphones preamps or "sure" wireless "gadgets".

I don't know the HD500X in details and don't know pfsmith0's idea for FX Send loop is good. I mean is this routing can be saved and used with any presets (tones), or must be setted for presets one by one.

Thanks again!

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