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Finally got a POD HD500X because of the upcoming update


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I've owned almost every POD Line6 has created, updating with each new model. When the HD500 came out, I really wanted to upgrade and get the better tones. But I play a combination of Variax 700 Acoustic, mandolin and electric guitar, and even some bass, and the HD500 just didn't have the required models there were in my X3Live. At the time, I said if Line6 ever added bass models, an acoustic preamp and global EQ, I'd get one.


In the meantime I discovered Mike Scuffham's truly wonderful S-Gear (, and all but concluded I was all done with PODs becase of the flexibility of an Apogee GiO, a MacBook Pro, MainStage 3 and S-Gear. The sound, ease of use (after a lot of setup), and flexibility were just fantastic.


Then there was the 2.6 upgrade announcement. So I went out and picked up an HD500X thinking if it didn't do what I wanted, I'd take it back. Basically this is what I was after:

1. A simple, non-computer hardware device that was easy to setup and gig hardened

2. The ability to great tones and effects, especially on the Variax 700 Acoustic and mandolin

3. A workable mic input for those occassions when we needed one more (the mic input on the X3Live wasn't functional because of the sensitivity of the trim pot)

4. Acceptable clean, blues, crunch and metal electric guitar tones

5. A good audio interface to drive S-Gear with the ability to use some of the HD500X front of the amp effects (S-Gear has great chorus/flanger, delay and reverb, but that's it), and the ability to configure the foot switches so some control internal HD500X effects and others provide MIDI control of S-Gear or MainStage.


Well, I was more than plesantly surprised. The Apogee GiO is a very nice sounding interface. But the HD500X sounded better to me, a little fuller, and cleaner. I was able to get good acoustic and mandolin tones. Once the new acoustic amp is available, they should be even better, and provide usable hardware tone controls on the unit. The mic input works and sounds great. And the setup with S-Gear and MainStage works perfectly. I find the HD500X front of the amp effects somewhat nicer than the pedalboard effects in MainStage/Logic. And they also work with the S-Gear standalone app which is convenient.


I couldn't reproduce the S-Gear tones in the HD500X. S-Gear sounds more transparent, richer, no fizz, fantastic tone, live feel, and great behind the amp effects. But I could get different, and very servicable tones from the HD500X. They're different than S-Gear, and that's fine. Its nice to have the flexibility.


Overall, very happy with the HD500X and looking forward to the 2.6 upgrade. Thanks Line6 for sticking with it.

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Always good to hear a story of surprise and satisfaction. Glad for you.


The only piece of digital modeling gear I've even owned, or even tried besides some vst modelers, is the pod hd. I've had it for several years and overall I'm glad I went with it, rather than digitech or boss. You can pretty much create anything you might want and have it sound good at the same time. Very versatile and flexible - way more than other devices in its class.


I use mine for bass too and am really exited about the new bass amps and cabs. Can't wait.

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These are probably stupid, already covered questions, but I've been out of the loop for awhile.  Will the new 2.6 work with the pod hd 500 floor units, or just 500x?  Do we know the cost of the differeny options yet?  Thanks!

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Great post amsdenj and glad to hear that you are sticking with the POD!


I am so psyched for this update - the Bogner, Peavey, and JCM models in particular.


It's refreshing to see that Line 6 is still actively working on supporting this great unit and working to please and expand it's customer base.


Guess I'll need to put in for a few vacation days once this is released...


It would be great to see a new more intuitive eq released in the future but this update will definitely check off a lot of items on my wish list.

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