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Can you bypass the to use the amps natural clean tones


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Hi all, I am using a POD X3 Live plugged directly into my amp input then in to Live out left mono on the pedal.  Is it possible to bypass the pedal so you can use the amps natural tones and settings rather than the pedal. The amp I am using is an old Marshall AVT 150 Head which has 4 channel selectors built in, OD 1, OD 2, Acoustic and Clean, and whenever I plug the pedal in it only seems to work through the overdrive 2 channel and I cant switch between pedal and amp in the way you can when using a Tube Screamer for example.


Any ideas would be most appreciated!



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I used to do this with my Blackstar amp. I plug my guitar straight into the amp. Then I use the amp's effects loop: run a cable from 'send' on the amp to 'guitar in' on the X3, then another cable from 'live out' on the X3 to 'return' on the amp. I would recommend turning off at least the amp model on the X3, possibly the cab as well (I disabled both). This way, you get the preamp stage in your amp sending to the X3 which then adds the effects you want (delay, whatever...), then back to the amp for the power stage. The overall tone will reflect your amp's capabilities & sound like you're looking for. The results were pretty spectacular in my case. Hope this helps!

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