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Device Not Recognized-FBV MKII Shortboard & Spider IV 120

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I'm having problems connecting to my PC with my Line 6 MKII Shortboard through the line 6 monkey.

I've updated to the latest version of Line 6 Monkey and even purchased a new cable to connect my PC, whether I try to connect to my amp (Spider IV 120) or through the pedal I get the error message "device not Found". I've connected in the past and was able to export, adjust and save settings etc. but now I get nothing. When I try to manually select the device from the dropdown list I get the same error Message "device not Found"

The pedal works fine for gigs and practice, just won't let me connect to my PC.

I'm looking into buying another Line 6 practice amp and would like to be able to transfer my settings back and forth between the amps.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas that could help, I'd really appreciate it

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I also have the same error with the new update so anyone that has a clarification.... When opening Edit, connecting to shortboard it asks me to choose the usb device and the FBV Shortboard doesn't show up on my choices. Customer service had me reboot my Spider IV 75, and I have lost the settings in the amp. They are on my computer but I can't connect to update it!


This has to be a driver error. Neither the amp or the Pedal show up as choices. I am quickly beginning to become frustrated!

They say it's my computer but I'm sure it is the new updates to Monkey and Manager!!!

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Make sure you have all Firewall and anti-virus software turned off on your computer.  I had the same problem years ago, and ended up using a different computer to run Monkey and update the amp.  But on Win7, there have been no issues with Spider Edit.

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I'm having the same issue in OS El Capitain! Seems that there has been a driver conflict with all my Presonus Firestudio and connectivity to my Spider IV 75 and Shortboard MKII. After all new updates the Monkey doesn't allow me to select the Shortboard and it is not a recognizable driver in the list. The Web list shows the Shortboard but after installing it on the computer, it doesn't show up!


Tech Support had me reset the Amp and I lost all the amp settings. I have the files I just can't get them to talk to each other!!

Anyone have a workaround??


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HI everybody

I'm having some issue... Use Mac 2010 with Yosemite. And need to connect FBV express mkII like midi device. But my mac can't recognize controller and Monkey and FBV Control dont see it... However, PC with win XP has been recognized controller.(with same cabel usb) I used it to update FBV and chose midi cc, but my Ableton on mac cant recognize FBV again. Only like unknown midi input.(4 channels) 

Somebody have similar problems? 

I really need to start my FBV at mac . Help please, or i must return my Line 6 device...

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