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Sonic Port VX Bummer :(

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I just bought the VX after doing some research and I figured it would be a good interface for songwriting and demoing while traveling. Then I found out

a) you cannot use the guitar input and the microphone at the same time.

b) you can't have the guitar with effects (Mobile POD) run through the VX and into the pc - you can't use the USB and the Lightning port at the same time.


I don't understand why they would even have a Desktop driver for the VX. What purpose does it even serve realy? Anyway, I am returning mine as soon as I get back into town and I will probably buy a Scarlett 2i2 or something like that. Bummer




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Yes, the Sonic Port (VX as well as original) is definitely geared to iOS devices rather than the desktop/laptop devices.


Have you considered the Line 6 Studio series audio interfaces? They are geared more to PC and Mac computers, and include Pod Farm which IMHO is not only far better than Mobile Pod but also runs as a plugin to your DAW. You can easily record the dry signal and then use Pod Farm as a post-processor.

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You can use the Sonic Port VX with a Mac or OC using the guitar input and the microphone input at the same time. You can not use iOS and Mac/ PC at the same time. When the selection switch is in Mic position and a guitar is plugged in the mic is on USB channel two and the guitar is on USB channel one. To process the guitar you would need a Mac/ PC plug in like PODFarm or similar.

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Be sure you have set the proper recording channels in your DAW, and adjusted the built in Mic Gain Pot 
* Be sure the Input Switch is set to the "Mono Microphone + Guitar in" position ( closest to Mic Gain pot)   
 * In your Software:
       Input 1/L = Mic  
       Input 2/R = Guitar
 You can record on both channels provided you set the SonicPort VX Switch and Mic Gain correctly
and use an IOS app that provides controls for each Input channel ( Meteor Multitrack, Auria DAW, Cubasis, N-Track Studio, Yonac Tone Stack, etc 

Remember the SonicPort VX also works with Macs and Windows PCs ( use the Line6 Sonicport VX ASIO Driver)  - which lets you use even  more advanced DAWs.
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Im thinkinng about getting one of these and this is good info, so thanks to those who've posted.


On a related question as it clearly does have two out channel recording capability when using the ab stereo condensor mmics, will this record to two channels?


i agree it is a bummer that the lightning and usb cannot be used at the same time, using the ipad as an outboard effects unit and reocrding the wet (and dry ideally) signals into the mac daw would ahve been a nice feature.

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