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DL4, signal cut briefly when switching on delay - normal ?

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Having a problem with a DL4 that I recently purchased. I've attached a recording to this post (the recording is clipping a tiny bit, apologies for that).

Basically when I switch any delay on, the guitar signal gets cut very briefly and then comes back with delay, instead of just carrying on with added delay. You can hear it happening 3 times on the recording I've attached, every time I release the switch to trigger the delay.


Has that ever happened to any of you ? Any thoughts ?


Line 6 - signal cut.mp3


Thanks in advance



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Hi there....i seem to have a similar problem with my fbv shortboard spider IV 120.

I have been experiencing signal cut out erratically and couldnt make out what the problem was.... cables. software and even O/S updates, nothing worked


I now noticed that with Delay off on shortboard.... no issues

With Delay switched on signal starts to cut out.


have you had an explanation to source of fault and more importantly a fix to the problem.

I would appreciate your help.

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