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Using amp for stage and model for PA/Recording


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I'm new to the HD500x and initially I wanted to use this so that I didn't have to bring an amp to gigs.  I tried playing through my Bose L1 and while I can pull it off at restaraunt gigs, I've decided I just can't match the tone and presence of a real tube amp for my bar gigs.


So...I'm happy with using it with my Fender Hod Rod Deluxe, but have discovered that I like it better without using the amp modeling, just using effects like reverb, distortion, etc...  I love my stage sound now, the problem lies with the PA/recording.


I'd like to go from the HD500x straight to the mixer.  The sound though, through the PA isn't very good.  Is there a way to get amp tone through the PA (XLR) but not through my guitar amp?  We record with the mixer as well.


I could mike the amp, but that is obviously not my preferred solution.

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1. If I knew everything about the unit, I wouldn't be here learning. 

2. I have never done this, so its only speculation. 




The easy answer is NO. 

But the real answer is  --- YES, depending on how you have you patches set. 



Split the signal chain and run in stereo. Put your amp in the left (or right, if you prefer). 

Then your sound guy can run left to the recorder and the right to the speakers. 

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I don't think there is a way to do that that is going to be any easier than mic'ing your amp and using it the way you have been. You'd need splitters and switchers and more cables. Maybe a different full-range monitor option would be better? I've used those Bose systems a few times and they sound "good" but they've got no real "balls" like a live amp or a biggere PA rig. I personally think Bose stuff all sounds like everything is run through a Sonic Maximizer (fake Hi-Fi by boosting the real high highs and filtering the bass into the subwoofer, with out much presence in the lower-mid range). Try it through a different powere PA speaker and try creating your patches through that speaker, at "bar gig" volume.

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