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time for a new FBV

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Surely its time now for a new FBV pedalboard. Colour coding. Nice big  display for the names. don't need any controls anymore just the expression pedal and the footswitches. link to the amplifi TT or whatever......use the iPad for everything else.


or how about a bluetooth one?

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Not only the FBV but the Spider IV is getting a little long in the tooth.  But introducing a new product that isn't 100% compatible with 'legacy' products isn't wanted either.  No real sign of what parent company Yamaha sees for the future of Line 6 - I didn't hear o any real NAMM new products.

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hi - i can see the plan quite clearly. i think amplifi replaces all the amps. the app is so amazing everything will be run on that. which is great. i just think they need to get on and get out as soon as possible a good pedalboard controller - amplifi needs it. A replacement for the 500X - fire hawk pro - or whatever. i just hope they don't abandon the people that like real amps. so for me i would love a fire hawk with no HD amps just loads of effects and amp channel switching capabilities - sort of replacement for the whole of the M series.


basically I'm going to sell everything i have from line6 if it doesn't have bluetooth.


the app is the way forward for all control.

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