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Anyone using DT's MIDI Out + Effects loop to control stompboxes?


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Hi everyone,

   I connect my HD500 to the DT50 using the L6 link.  I have a new Strymon Big Sky (oh, so beautiful!) to use instead of the HD500 reverbs.  I want to run it in the DT50's effects loop so I don't have to use up a slot in my HD500's effects chain.  I also want the Big Sky to see the program change MIDI messages so I can create a reverb patch for each HD500 patch.  When I wire everything up on the DT50, I am able to 1) get the Big Sky into the effects loop path successfully and 2) get the Big Sky to respond properly to program changes.  However, the problem I run into is the DT50 seems to send a bunch of other unwanted additional MIDI CC messages to the Big Sky, overriding the saved patch settings.  One hint of this is when I select a patch on the HD500, the Big Sky switches to its associated patch, but the reverb machine selected is Room instead of the programmed machine, plus the LED indicator is Orange instead of Green, which means the programmed patch has been modified since loading.  When I rotate the patch selector knob to the intended patch, it loads properly with the correct reverb machine and the LED stays Green as it should.  So I believe the additional MIDI CC messages are confusing the Big Sky.


   When I run the Big Sky off of my HD500 directly, it works as it should.  So the DT50 MIDI out is sending more info that desired for this.  I have a support ticket filed, but I figured I'd throw this question out there to see if anyone else has solved this.




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I'll be interested in seeing what info others can provide about CC messages coming out of the DT, but just in case -




Among other functions this gadget can filter various classes of MIDI info - might be a solution for you.




,,, also occurs to me - maybe hook the DT midi out to the input of a DAW with midi monitoring, catch the data stream so you can see what's being sent?

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If your sole purpose is to use the HD 500 to change the patches of your Blue Sky just run the MIDI from the HD500 into the MIDI of the Blue Sky and dont't use the DT50's MIDI. Unless you have something else you are trying to accomplish. I do this with my HD500x and my SDD-3000 pedal.

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Thanks guys!  I am able to run the Big Sky in the DT's effects loop while controlling it from the HD500's MIDI out.  That does work.


@ricstudioc - I saw that too, but too expensive for me!  Probably would solve my problem though.  I have MIDI-OX, but when I try to dump the messages, it locks up.  I got it off of ebay, some cheepo chinese unit.  I may end up getting an UNO and trying to dump with that someday.


@jakeman19 - my HD500 is on stage at my feet, while my amp is backstage being mic'ed.  I have only the L6 cable to connect the two.  What I was hoping for was to leave the Big Sky sitting on my amp, and use short MIDI and effects loop cables between them instead of running a bunch of long cables back to the HD500.  At this point, all I need to do is run an additional MIDI out cable along with the L6 cable from the HD500 back to the amp/Big Sky.  Not bad.


@Tboneous - For my situation with 1 amp being mic'ed, I don't think there is an advantage either way.  As mentioned above, the advantage for me is shorter cables, not having to run them from my HD500 backstage to the amp.  But, in general, the HD500 effects loop is advantageous since the return is stereo.  The Big Sky has a stereo loop, and it sounds gorgeous in stereo.  So if I ran direct from HD500 to FOH in stereo, that would be awesome, but with a single amp, the DT effects loop works fine.


One other comment - using the DT effects loop frees up a slot (and therefore DSP) on my HD500's effects chain for other use.


No word from Line 6 yet.  I'll post an update when I hear from them.

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OK, update on this.  After some dialog with Line 6, here's essentially what they said:  if you use an external MIDI controller to control the DT via MIDI In, you can control a downstream device (like the Big Sky) via MIDI Out.  The MIDI Out is not intended to be used this way if instead connecting a Pod HD via L6 link.


It appears that if you use the HDxxx and L6 link to connect to the DT amps, you'll get a flood of MIDI messages that will confuse any devices attached to the DT's MIDI Out.  I haven't had time to dump the contents, but I believe it will contain the MIDI messages the HD is using to control the DT.  On the other hand, if you control the DT via the MIDI In and external controller, the MIDI Out will act as a Thru to allow controlling a downstream device.  Therefore, if I want to attach my Big Sky to the DT's MIDI and effects loop, I can't use the HD/L6 link.  If I want to use the HD/L6 link, I must use the HD's MIDI Out to control the Big Sky.  I do, however, have the option of using the HD's effects loop for a stereo return, or the DT's effects loop for a mono return.  I've been able to achieve both setups effectively.


So if I use a single DT amp, I'll probably put the Big Sky on the amp's MIDI and effect loop.  If I go HD direct or HD to 2 DTs in stereo (which I totally LOVE!), I'll use the HD's MIDI and effects loop to maintain the Big Sky's stereo out.


Hope this helps someone someday!

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