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Pod Hd Pro Failing To Power Up, Help!


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I bought a POD HD PRO just over a week ago, and have been using it without any problems until today, whilst playing through it.

The screen dimmed slightly, before turning off completely.

I have since tried different power cables, different sockets, different rooms, but it's still lifeless. 


I'm going on tour in a week and was planning on using this as part of my rig so I'm in a bit of a bad situation here.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!



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Hold down the left arrow key when powering up and it should perform a reset and be ok.  I had this happen to me also.


Hey, I've tried this and no luck! It fails to turn on at all, as in no life whatsoever :/ 


The other guitarist in my band uses one too, so to test if it was the fuse I put the fuse from his unit into mine, but still no luck. So it isn't the fuse! Honestly have no idea why it's not turning on

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