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Looking to buy Spider Valve 112 UI (control/PCB board) - Right/Left sides

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I am looking for anyone who might have or know where to get a complete UI PCB for a Valve 112 (Original model). I need the smaller, right hand side PCB for sure (the one with the LCD display and Master Volume control & LED). I know they are jumpered together via that ribbon cable and would probably would have to get both boards unless someone has one that has been de-soldered.


The part #'s are (Right):  35-00-0247-1 and (Left):  35-00-0247  - Both are REV A  7-June-2007


If someone does have just the right side one (the smaller one) I will buy it ASAP as well as the entire unit (both pieces).


I have searched on-line and found everything but this. If you know of someone or a site offering this exact part(s) I would appreciate the heads up :)








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