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Set Default Volume


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I thought I remembered reading this somewhere before, but I can't seem to find it again and searching the forum didn't return any applicable results.  It's not in the "pilots guide" for the amp either.


Is there a way to set the default volume for the main volume and guitar volume when the amp starts up?  What I'm looking for is for the guitar volume to be at 40% and the overall volume to be around 60% each time I turn the amp on.


Right now the amp starts with the guitar volume at 75% and the overall volume at 20%, which is how it's been since I first bought it.

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I have inquired of LIne 6 support, in July of 2023.   There is no way to configure the default startup volume(s).


It would require a firmware change.   Needless to say, this is highly unlikely on these discontinued products.


Nevertheless, I will add that it would be a truly noble and helpful thing for LIne 6 to do for the exisiting user base.


That and adding a way to save and load entire banks of 100 from the Amplifi at once (like all other Line 6 amps, yes?).


I didn't "get" the Amplifi design when it first came out, but eventually I did "get" it and now have 3 of them!


If this product line wasn't the success that was hoped for (?), then it is because a) it was ahead of it's time, and b) it was just short of fully realized in the ways that real players need in their daily use.


FWIW, I would comment to LIne 6 the following:


A.  Finish the job on the Amplifi line, firmware and software-wise.   There will be no $$ profit in this, but the repair in goodwill will be tremendous.


B.  Create a new updated product line with the same basic ideas (FRFR, Bluetooth, control by app, great sounds) implemented with the latest and greatest of what you've got models and FX-wise.


C.  In the new line, make sure there is a knob to do bank select on the amp.   Bank select should be available from ALL 3 of Amp, Floorboard, App - whatever the user has available or finds most convenient at the moment!   That's what we need in the field.  Thanks.









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