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Latest transplant- Flying V

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Hopefully I am pretty much done with xplants. I have a Billy Bo lap steel being painted and have a JTV 59 for the guts for maybe a starcaster with bigsby. Maybe in a few years when the yamahas are like 500 USD, I can do more. lol


What is your opinion of the graphtech piezo vs the standard LR baggs? Do they sound better, or just different. Also, how are you terminating the graphtech piezo wires to the PCB.



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I have always paid to have the work done. My luthier/tech figured it all out. I may have a less hectic work schedule this year and may try to do more of this stuff myself. Even if just basic set ups and wiring. I have started buying the tools etc from stew mac. Hopefully I will have the time.

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