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v 2.x update (JTV-69S)

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Hi everyone,


I purchased a new JTV-69S back in late November 2014.  Everything was totally fine except one of the 12 String acoustic models which was really weird and one of the T-Model (position 5) was significantly louder than the other ones.


I updated the firmware (which I believe was 1.8 originally) to the latest version.  The T-Model volume level issue was fixed, the Spank models sound horrible (and I really liked what it came with 1.8), with the Chime bank all 5 positions sound exactly the same and are horrible and the Semi bank also sounds weird.


I reflashed the guitar as the Monkey software is capable of doing so but the Chime and Semi banks are still weird (they just don't sound right).


Should I:

- continue to reflash until it's right?

- use WB to load new patches all around? (and if so, can I trouble you to point me to the right place to get the banks for WB HD)

- or should I call Line6 Support?


Anyone else experience issues like this?


The guitar came from AMS sealed, there was plastic on all the pickups and on the back covers; everything looked new.


Thank you!


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I would fiddle with the models in the work bench and see if you can tweak them to your liking. If that doesn't work, the reload the old 1.8.  Some folks don't like the 2.x firmware and from you description of those tones. you are one of them.

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I don't care for the new Strat model either, but I liked the rest. Somewhere on here there are some custom models that somebody created, and got REALLY close to the older Strat model, I use those now and I'm quite around and you'll find the thread, I just don't remember how far back it was.

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My 20 c , roll back to firmware 1.71 and tweak with workbench 1.75. Plenty of sounds and great acoustics.

But if you are a rock and roller/metal player and relies on  podhd integration to change effects with tone knob then just be patient and keep tweaking with workbench HD 2.10 to something that suits your style. 

Good luck  

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If you do not like the 2.0 Spank versions...roll it back. I personally use 1.9. The 2.o sounded so bad my entire band thought the guitar was broken. Tried to re flash several dozen change. The Spank 2.0 do NOT sound like what I'd expect a Start to sound like (Mark Knofpler, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc.) I use 1.9.

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