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Spider IV 120 and a FBV MKII

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   Looking for info, tutorial something that can lay out step by step how: for example :


         to program a bank in the FBV that can group 4 presets from the Spider IV 120 :


                                                                                           cat scratch fever ( song 1970s)


                                                                                           johnnyC1nRythm ( artist Marr)


                                                                                           acid wash (user 038)


                                                                                            unexpected jazz ( user 05c)


to the  A<B<C and D triggers on the FBV for playing gigs.


Thanks in advance for your help, please be kind, I just can't seem to find the info to make this user friendly.




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Have you read the Advanced Guide?  Available here.


Page 2.2 'Saving'

To save a preset:

• Press & hold the channel button of the current preset location - all 4 LEDs will flash

• If you’re starting from an Artist or Song preset, press any A B C or D Channel button

• Select the destination Bank by pressing the up/down arrows on the Nav Disc

• Rename the preset if desired - L/R arrows select character - Presets knob changes it

• Once your preset name is set, press a Channel button as your preset destination

• The LEDs will flash rapidly a few times indicating the Save routine is complete

• Your preset is now saved to the Bank and Channel location you’ve selected

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Thanks Mike! I just couldn't find that PDF to download, don't know if that comes with the Spider new, I bought mine used.


Pretty simple once I understood it, started making some custom banks this morning.!! ;)

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