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Anyone using 09s or 08s on their JTV?

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I have been restringing using the stock Dadario ,10s that came with my Variax. I would prefer to go to 9s or 8s as 10s are a little more work than I prefer. Couple of concerns,


I play slide with a standard setup, a little concerned I will lose some sustain and amplitude with 9s or 8s. As it is I feel the high E doesn't ring as loud as it should. Wondering if I can fix it via Workbench but then I would have to do every model?


I figure 8s will require a nut change but should be able to use existing nut with 9s


When I first got my Variax I went through a bit of a learning curve playing it as the high E kept sliding off the fretboard, Probably sloppy finger attack but lighter strings may start this up again.


So has anybody gone lighter with/without problems?


Also any reccomendations on strings for bluesy slide work?




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Well, I've run both on my 69, once I swapped out to a fender neck I settled on 10's - that neck just feels right with'em.  Didn't notice any particular issues with the 9's on the original neck.


Played slide on both gauges, no real issues other than expected - higher gauges certainly are a better choice, obviously.


Oh, and Ernie Ball guy here for the most part, tho I don't really care that much.  A piece of wire.....

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I typically play 10's, but I tried 9's on my 59 based on Sean Halley's recommendation I saw on YouTube.  


I had a lot of trouble with them.  I wouldn't consider my touch to be real heavy, but the 9's, combined with the jumbo frets was giving me real problems with chords and power chords being in tune.  I guess I was pushing the lighter strings all the way to the fretboard, far enough to throw the chord just slightly sharp.  Switching back to 10's fixed the issue.


I suppose if you are used to the frets and have a lighter touch, your results may vary.  If you have been playing an Ibanez with thinner frets and a flat neck like I was, you may have the same problem. 


But hey, it costs you less than $10 to try them out for yourself, that's the best way you'll find out.

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"jandrio" is right,... "restringing from the stock d'addario 10s requires setup".


Because, changing string gauges changes the tension on the neck, and when you change

the tension on the neck, the whole set-up changes (action, pick-up height and intonation).

Whenever you change gauge, get a new set-up done on it.


Factory strings are D'Addario XL-110's.

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