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Severe USB problems with new AmplifiTT unit

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Just wanted to report in as a new AmplifiTT user. I'm actually quite happy with the device thus far, but one big issue I'm having is with nonexistent USB connectivity, as I plan to to do extensive recording. Not a single driver set has worked, even with the new Line 6 Amplifi PC-based utility. I simply receive the "USB Device Not Recognized" after connecting the device following a driver installation, and the Line 6 software shows a "No Amplifi Devices were detected." message This is a brand-new USB cable. The most current software driver on the Line 6 site simply do not work. Here is a  listing of my platform:


Win7 Ultimate 64-bit, latest updates installed consistently


2600K @4.35GHz

256 GB SSD, 5TB spindle storage

Asus Sabertooth Z77 motherboard with most recent BIOS update.


Attempting to connect to a known-good USB port simply never works. 


Anyone else experiencing this problem? Is this a known issue with AmplifiTT? Is an update coming that might possibly address this? Thank you!

Rich Grace

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It the Utility is not recognizing it, try updating the firmware with an iOS device.

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