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Updated the Firmware on my HD500 - now really quiet A Channel?


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Hi All,


Any help here would be great. Just updated my firmware on my POD HD500, and now all my patches are really quiet when the A channel is used. 


Running a HD500 into a DT25 - remove the POD and both A&B channels are fine. Add POD - Channel A is super quiet. 


If I roll the firmware back, I get normal volume for literally 1 second before it "pops" back to being really quiet. 


Has my Pod just died???

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Are you referring to the sound level out of your DT25 channel A when your HD500 is connected via Line 6 Link?


If that is the case, then what happens if you use the DT25 stand alone and plug your guitar directly into it and swap between channel A and channel B?  Does channel A still sound much quieter?  I suggest setting channel A and channel B so that they use the same model, mode and have the same settings so you can make a direct A/B comparison.


If channel A on the DT25 sounds quieter when used stand alone then it is a problem with the DT25.


If channel A only sounds quieter when used with the HD500 connected via Line6 link then it could be a fault with your HD500 or possibly your Line6 Link XLR cable or possibly the Line6 Link socket on the DT25.

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Hey dude,


Using the DT25 standalone - both channels are just fine. It's when the POD is connected that I get issues.


I've tried 3 L6 Cables, and I get the same issue everytime. What is interesting is that when I either roll back the firmware, or update it - it behaves normally for literally 1 second, the quietens down :(


What's more interesting is that using the 4CM - There's no issue, even when using Channel A.

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Sounds like it could either be a fault with the HD500 or the DT25 L6 Link sockets or connections.  I think you should contact Line 6 support directly and raise a ticket with them and they will be able to help you trouble shoot it and tell you if you need to send the HD500 or the DT25 in for repair.


Good luck.

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