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Hd500 4 Cable Method In Stereo?


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Hey guys! It's been a couple years since the last time I posted here (but that's just because my HD500 has been treating me so well) but I figured someone here would know the answer to my question. 


Is it possible to use a satellite amp to achieve a stereo effect using the four cable method?


My setup (if it was possible) would be:


Guitar -> Bugera v22 ->4CM into the HD -> then (hypothetically) from the other send on the HD to the return of an Atomic Reactor 112.


I just want to be able to fully utilize some of my shoegaze patches and stereo delay patches.


I'm not sure if it would work or not and I don't have a second amp at the moment to try it out. Sorry if someone has already asked this question or I just totally missed the obvious answer!! Thanks in advance for replies.



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Broadly speaking, yes you can do but there may be some drama along the way.  


Cabling is five cables: 


1:  Guitar -->  Pod input

2:  Pod FX Send --> Bugera Input.

3:  Bugera FX Send  -->  Pod HD500 FX Return (Left)

4a:  HD500  1/4 Out (left) -->  Bugera FX Return

4b:  HD500 1/4 Out (Right) --> Satellite Amp FX Return.


This only differs from the standard 4CM Insofar as the second output on the POD  is routed to the FX return on the second amp.  This means you are using the power amp stage of the satellite amp only.   


It is not possible to concurrently use the preamp on both of the amplifiers without a Y splitter cable .  You will also need a strong stock of painkillers to offset the pain caused by trying to work out the routing, levels and switching to support this.  You can do it but I think the level of complexity will make this very painful in practice to use.   Come back if you really need this.


In terms of stereo though, Be advised that only Stereo FX Implemented after the POD FX loop block will be in stereo.  FX placed before the FX loop block will be mixed to mono using the somewhat arcane routing rules within the POD to determine the combined levels.  Forced stereo before the FX loop to work you would need to use the Y-Splitter cable as previously described.

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I am doing the same thing with an Egnater Tweakar and a satellite. The satellite will need an amp model since it is power amp only. How do I set up an amp model for the satellite only?


Also, are they any cool setlists out there that are fully set up for effects only (no amp models)? I guess this would effectively turn the HD500 into an M13. I'm not that interested in messing with all the settings and finding the right order for all the effects. I just want to play.

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