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Output to DT-25


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I think they probably had that conversation with a combination of engineers, product development, accountants, and marketing.

If I had to guess, the response was something to the effect of, if you sell the Firehawk for $50 less than the HD500x, and include the Line6Link, then you basically undercut the status of the HD500x unit.


It's likely down the road when they have some more mileage from the HD500(x) series that the "next" flagship level processor will have the L6Link.


I see Firehawk as an extension of the AMPLIfi platform, more than as an alternate to the HD series, despite the inclusion of the HD amp models and FX.


Just guessing...

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Bearing that in mind though there is still quite a lot missing in the Firehawk when compared to the hd500x (looper, various effects, mic input, routing options, dual amp patches etc) here in the UK a brand new 500x is only £20 more than the Firehawk, I'll still try the Firehawk out but I think the balance in price between the units is way off. If I was a new customer that hadn't already spent a lot of time with the hd500 I'd probably overlook the Firehawk once I compared specs

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