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Can the AMPLIFi FX100 or Table Top be used for Live Permormance? If so, which is better?


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Can the AMPLIFi FX100 or Table Top be used for Live Permormance? If so, which is better?


Here’s the quick answer: yes it can and the Table Top is the best option, but both have their caveats.  If you’re interested in knowing what those are, read on.


First of all, just so we’re all on the same page, I did own the FX100 for a short time and later returned it and held out for the TT.  So, I have now owned and used both.  Also, I primarily use the TT plugged into the effects loop of a Mesa Boogie Express amp and I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 NOTE tablet for the interface.  I will also use the AMPLIFi plugged directly into a PA.  This works extremely well for both the FX100 and the TT.


So the answer is yes, the AMPLIFi FX100 and the TT can be used very effectively in a live setting, however, the use of the App and the Bluetooth connection is almost completely out of the question, in my oppinion.  Well, it’s not that you can’t use it, but there’s so much risk you will be adding to your performance.  It may not prove practical.  One screw up could mean not being asked back to that venue.  I just don’t feel it’s reliable enough to trust to a performance setting.  Just me IMHO.  But no worries, you’ll just have to save all your tones to the hardware.  Easy!  The connection with the app, being Bluetooth is sometime unreliable and it may work perfectly in your home or studio, but when on the road, that’s NOT the time to find out the walls of your next venue are made of non-insulated corrugated aluminum and wreak havoc on Bluetooth signals.   There’s just too much that will and can go wrong in a live setting and the LAST thing you need to stress about is your Bluetooth connection.  Also, the speed that tones can be selected via the App is very slow (on the order of 1 to 1.5 seconds).  On the other hand, if your tones are all saved to the hardware, the delay is inconsequential.


Ok, so now that’s out of the way, which is better for live performance, the FX100 or the Table Top?  Ultimately, the answer is the Table Top, but hold that thought for one moment.  Let’s first look at the FX100’s strengths and weaknesses.


The FX100 is really not a true stomp box multi effects unit.  It’s really just a box that stores preset tones that are ALL ON OR ALL OFF.  This means, if you are in the middle of a song and it’s time for your solo, there’s no way to turn on your Tube Screamer or modulation or whatever you need for the solo.  Not to worry, there’s a work around for that!!  This essentially means that say, the first song in your set list might be saved on Bank 1, preset A.  Then your solo settings would have to be stored onto Bank 1, preset B (identical to preset A with the addition of the Tube Screamer for instance).  This method will work, but it will take a little more organization, note taking and planning on your part.  But by all means doable.  The FX100 will also give you access to all the Banks and all the presets just by using the AB or CD switches to move up and down within the Banks.  That’s cool.


The Table Top on the other hand will only give you access to one Bank and four presets (WITHOUT access to the app), but remember, we’re not going there.  The tablet is at home and your phone it in your pocket!!  In this case, the TT would be used identically as the FX100 would be described above.  Bank 1, preset A and B would be for song number 1 in your set list.  However, you're limited to only four different tones (again, hardware only, no app connected).  This may be prefectly fine for your application.  But the Table Top gets better....


Where things get really interesting is when you spend an additional $200.00 and also purchase the Line 6 MkII Shortboard (yes that sucks to have to spend more money, but read on...).  The TT has the CAT 5 plug in to enable the use of this very good controller and when you marry the two together, you’ll end up with a very powerful tool that’s totally at home on stage.  This essentially gives you a very similar level of functionality that the POD HD500x will give.  Yes there are obvious differences such as the amp modeling and being that we left the tablet at home, you will not be doing any deep editing on stage, but really, who uses the HD500x on stage during a performance AND finds himself tweaking tones? 


The real advantage the TT has over the FX100 when used with a MkII Shortboard is that you have access to all the Banks and presets using your feet AND you have the ability to turn on and off any of the effects pre-programmed to the preset.  Your initially saved preset should be how a song starts (no tube screamer for instance, unless the song starts with your solo).   When it’s time for the screamer, just click it on with the Stomp switch and then off when you’re done tearing the aluminum sheets off the walls!


Having said all this, the current going rate for new gear (the TT + MkII vs the HD500x) is a bit of a wash and it might be just a whole lot more practical to go with the HD500x, but the AMPLIFi series is unbelievably simple and intuitive even your drummer will be able to use it and dial in some pretty cool tones!!  Ask him to dial in a great tone on an HD500x and you’ll see the smoke before long.


I hope this long post helps you.  Good luck!!

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I play a solo gig. jazz/funk/r&b over backing trax in an App called iRealPRO (which I highly recommend) that I play from an iPad mini.  A broad mix from standards to stevie wonder to pharell to chick corea.  


I bought the TT and use it on live gigs every week.  Floor space is tighter than ever in clubs, and my old POD XT LIve was always in the way.  The TT sits on top of my PA (I put a strap around it, no big deal), and the sound is so good, I could leave my PA at home and plug into the house system at many gigs.  


4 tones are all I need. Clean, crunch, spacey, and molten lead.  However, like the previous post, I might get a Mk II just for kicks, 


Very happy with the TT. No problem with the bluetooth, and no more wire from my iPad for the backing trax.  Simplicity is a big plus for my situation.  Walk in in one trip. Set up in 10 minutes.


One disappointment, my Android Tab will not work with TT. It's a brand new tablet, with latest OS.  But I realize that Android is very hard to support because of the many variations manufacturers layer onto the basic OS.


Been a LIne 6 fan since my first AX2 (which I still drag out for rock gigs).  This Amplifi LIne is a breakthru IMHO.

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Does your amp have an effect loop?  If it does, I have my Table Top set up in a similar way that will work with your M9.


I have a TC Spark Booster pedal hooked up BEFORE the TT/FX100, then a I have a Red Witch Chorus pedal hooked up AFTER the TT/FX100.  This works out VERY well.  I persoannly really like the TC Spark Booster and the Red Wich Chorus pedals, so I have them in the loop along with the Table Top.  I've found the best position in the loop for these pedals is as described above.


In your case, assuming you have an effects loop for you amp, plug the FX100 into the loop, then out of your FX100 and into the M9 and out of the M9 and back into the amp's loop.


Now you have all the amp modeling if the FX100, but then you use your kick lollipop M9 for all your other stuff.


Cool.  It will work great.


Let us know how is sounds.

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I think after reading what "Just Startin'"  said, I should be getting the TT this week.  I was split between the TT and the FX100. However, I already own the MkII Shortboard because my "clean" amp is a Line 6 Spyder II 150.  My "dirty" amp is a Peavey 5150 (6505) 2x12 combo, which has an effects loop.  I also have a POD 2.0 in the mix, but I think I might sell that after I get the TT, should be able to fetch $100 for it with the case and PS.  I use the POD now with the loop on the 5150, but I guess I can figure out a way to switch between amps using the TT.  ( I have an A/B switchbox).


So, anyone disagree about the TT over the FX100?  The only thing I was thinking might be possible with the FX100 would be having 2 pedals, 1 for volume and leave the other on WAH, but how often does someone need that?  And it's also easy to switch when I need to.  I play at home, typical garage band style (I play and own drums too).  The only other thing to consider is you can save about $20 getting a FX100 vs a TT on eBay.


Inputs appreciated, sorry if I necro'd the thread.



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What dead forums?  That kinda sucks, thought there was more forum support from L6?


So, what I "thought" this TT would do, which I think now it will not, is have access to a library of MIDI-type songs, like the *.GP? files for Guitar Pro.  That is one nice thing about Guitar Pro software, it lets you mute the guitar track, even though the songs are not the original, they are close enough for practice.


It seems the only online access is for patches, and I just stream songs from phone or tablet and play along, which I can already do since I have 2 amps and a good stereo (Bose).


From further reading, it seems the Firehawk is a better option for effects, mainly because people say the TT and FX100 effects are older versions of what the Firehawk has?  Is this true?


Yup, the Firehawk is double the price, but if I am really buying just an effects board, I think it would be better to get the best effects?  Thoughts on this?


My other issue is that I am not an effects heavy person.  I have 2 amps, one being a tube amp, and it is a Peavey 5150 (aka 6505), endorsed and used by the artist I play the most songs from.  Further, the tone from this amp is also close enough to the 80's tube distrotion of other artists like GNR and Metallica and Priest, so I am covered and don't have to emulate tube overdrive and distortion.  I also have a POD v2.0 for effects, which I use a little, and I have the EVH Flanger and EVH Phaser, JOYO gate (which is awesome), some mini analog delay and a mini Mooer Slow Engine volume.  With those pedals, and the POD, I can make all the effects I ever use or will use.  I guess my point is, I don't need more or upgraded effects, at least I don't think I do.  I think the software is better, and works on a tablet instead of a PC so I would not have to rely on a MIDI cable to adjust the POD.  I can use wireless for the TT unit,  but the wireless feature and the ability to use a tablet don't rate high for me because I have a PC next to my rig, and I have the expensive Roland MIDI cable so I can adjust the POD with software on the PC.  The PC also streams the tracks that I mute the guitar on, so it serves another purpose that tone adjustment.


If I can't get an answer, I am going to wait or pass on the TT this time, maybe in the future... I can get a Duncan Custom Shop 78 Trembucker for one of my guitars for the same price, and I know exactly what that will do and what it is used for.  I am still not 100% sure the TT will do anything new for me that I don't already do to satisfaction the same or similar way now?


I would really like someone to chime in and help here if possible, I just got paid and I want to make a decision.



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From further reading, it seems the Firehawk is a better option for effects, mainly because people say the TT and FX100 effects are older versions of what the Firehawk has?  Is this true?



Yes, The models in AMPLIFi line are based on the POD X3/POD Farm algorithms.

The Firehawk uses HD modeling and can also run AMPLIFi models.

Is the price difference worth it? Only your ears can answer that.

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I am curious as to the official "generations" of the Line6 modeling effects?


I would assume that the original POD or the AX amps would be around Generation #1, and that the Firehawk would be the latest generation, whatever version we are on?  Anyone care to elaborate on this who knows Line6 products?






PS_ I will get the list started:


AXsys212 - Generation1

POD v1 - Generation1

POD v2 - Gen2

POD Pro - Gen2

Spider2 amps - Gen2

POD XT - X-series (Gen3?)

POD X3 - X-series (Gen3?)

Spider3 amps - Gen3

POD HD - HD Series (Gen4?)

Vetta 1 - ?

Vetta 2 - X-series (Gen3?) 

Spyder Valve Mk 1 - ?

Spyder Valve Mk 2 - ?

AmpliFi Amps / FX100/ TT - Gen3?

Firehawk - Gen4
Spider 4 amps - Gen4

Helix - Latest Gen5?

Variax Guitars - Gen3?



I tried to updates, please let me know of corrections needed.

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So I played my 2nd gig with the fx100 last night. Bad idea. Bluetooth appeared to connect but once again I had an issue where no matter what tone you change it to it doesn't change it at all. As a result We started the gig 30 minutes late. Didn't have my log in for line 6 so couldn't do anything with the app. Crippled. Not even use what tone was already loaded. I mean- log in? Or nothing? Please. I own the hardware, the iPad, etc. That kind of control is unnecessary. no thanx. Selling it and no more line 6. I have a spider head as well that I no longer use. Why? Well knobs are way too sensitive barely tap it and your volume goes to 11. Biggest reason- you MUST use a line 6 cabinet only with 2 inputs or it'll fry. Proprietary? No thanx. I'll continue to use my G50 wireless but I'm so done with "modeling" and tone clouds and insane log-in-or-you-don't-get-to-use-your-owned-hardware. Embarrassing to start 30 minutes late. Even worse using built in distortion on my fender amp because of it.

These products are best suited for amateur living room wannabes. Not pro players in a live setting. Ugh.

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Alascar11, I am a new owner of the FX100. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. My only glitch so far was a total bluetooth meltdown. But it took only a couple of mnutes of upairing and refinding the bluetooth again and I was up and running. It became apparent to me real quick that there were several truthes I was going to have to live with. If I can't memorize what tones are where then the tone list would have to be open leaving me unable to edit on the fly. If I wanted to edit on the fly everything had to be operating properly and I had to have a good idea where the tones were. The best situation is to have your pedal set up the way you want it then leave the app off and just use the pedal. That means using cheat sheets. I am getting old so I have to use them anyway. Name of song, key of song, first line of song and where the preset is for that song. Funny thing is I only used 6 pedals most of the time. So that really means I only need 6 presets most of the time. The cool thing has been, I set my banks up according to the amp I am emulating then use the presets for clean, lead, distortion, chorus,... blah, blah, whatever.I plan on using my live the minute I tweak the locations of the presets and get good at stepping on the right button at the right time. So I wish you good luck. But I am going to stick with this for now until I can upgrade to the Firehawk Fx.

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 I mean- log in? Or nothing?


That is strange, you should be able to synch the app without logging in.

For example, if you have no cellular connection or WiFi.

I would not rely on a BT connection in a live setting, too many potential sources of interference.

And as cebreez points out, the pedal has 100 presets, this would allow a user to setup their pedal for the setlist before arriving to a gig so that you are plug and play.


I personally don't consider the FX100 pro-gigging gear, but I also don't consider myself an amateur wannabe.

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I am using the FX100 live. I have a printout of the factory presets in case mine on bank 1 go south. Only issues so far have been not being able to update the board with my iPad without a wifi connection and some random starup weirdness. I can change the preset on my iPad, but it will not update the board unless my iPad is connected to the Internet. My solution has been to use my iPhone as a mobile hotspot. Some venues have had pretty shady cell service, but so far, so good. The starup thing is that the FX100 will sometimes startup with some other preset on bank 1A. I suspect it is the factory preset persisting. The solution is simple, just press a different switch then switch back. Just odd is all.


I run it through an old Roland RG-90 and it sounds fine, no complaints. We ran it straight to the PA once to see how it sounds and it sounded great. Might run it that way in the future if we get a bigger board, (not enough inputs right now).


My overall feeling is that it is not ideal, but it works fine live. I work on my presets at home or well before the show so there are no surprises. If you like to fiddle while you play, I'd say get something else. If it is a matter of getting the right sound for things you perform regularly, I'd ask if you could prepare a little better before going on stage.

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