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Anyone Have Patches To Send For Hd500/dt25 Combo?


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Hi, guys!  I use my DT25 combo as a personal monitor and it's in front of me, angled up on an amp stand.  I'm sure that's a lot different than most people, who probably use it as a backline amp.  I'm not the greatest with coming up with patches that translate well from the HD500 to the DT25.  I use a Strat with a Dimarzio humbucker in the bridge and a Dimarzio Cruiser in the neck position.  The Strat has an ash body and a maple neck/fretboard.


Any of you that use the HD500 and DT25, have you uploaded any of your patches?  Or, if not, could you email them to me?  I'm really struggling, but I know there are some great tones to be found.  Thanks!



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Finding others patches can be helpful but it can also be not so helpful. You can't know how the patchers were created. How were the patches monitored, were they in the garage with concrete floors and high ceilings or were they in their carpeted cozy van? What guitar were they using and the like. Personally, I have found my greatest success by picking a single amp model both pre and full. Removing all fx and making that amp sound good by first eq'ing the amp. Then finding a good cabinet, then mic. Then I add reverb. Both room and spring. Get a good full well rounded clean tone first. Then try for a dirty sound. Again, no fx. Once that is done, figure out your sound goal. Do you want a Leslie? Do you want a spacey delay? Good chorus?


A house has to have a strong foundation before you add the bling. Same with your tone. Just because you have access to every option doesn't necessarily mean you need to use every option when constructing your tone.


Also remember that some of your tone comes from how you play. What may sound good under one persons fingers, may sound like crap under yours.

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I agree completely.  Different guitars, pickups and touch will make all of us sound different.  Just looking for some basic things others are finding great tones with so I can see how their amp and effects chain are set up.  Thanks!

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In customtone, take a look at Dolphinstreet or D-Street or Robert Renman. Also Jake Cloudchair did a great job dialing in amp tones for the Variax. I have not tried them with my other guitars but It may be a good start for you. Check out his video.


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Bump! All that stuff aside about this guitar or that room - what is the THOUGHT process for making patches to play with HD500 > L6Link > DT25?


Do we need to build patches using only the PRE versions of amp models? Or does something occur with regular patches when you

L6Link to the DT25 that bypasses the digital modeling that is being replaced with the DT25 analog / tube stages?


I haven't got a single patch on my HD500 that I care about, so would be quite happy to wipe the thing and start from scratch, since

I just received my DT25 today.

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Can't seem to paste the link back to the original discussion these came from, guess I am doing something wrong in terms of how they want weblinks handled.


credit due to others for these patches and corresponding setlists!


users: "Voodoods" and "radatats"




DT25 30

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Some great advice here.  Here are a couple things that may help:


1: I usually start with a tone I worked up in "direct mode", then copy that to a different setlist that is for dreamrig presets.

2:  I always use the "pre" models when connecting to a DT, also check your output mode to ensure it is set to combo or stack power (depending on what firmware you have it may be labeled differently). 

3: Try turning off the cab modeling to avoid too much color


Happy tone writing!

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