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Plz Plz Help Me...need Some Help Wih My Pod Hd 500 While Playing Live... Asap!


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Hi Friends,

 I've been using the pod hd 500 for two months now... n am still confused with its functions... i've read the 4 cab method n all stuffs... i have some questions for you guys.. if u cud help me out...


1. I;ve played live with my pod and the problem is that i dont knw what to do with my effects... should i run/adjust the amp settings on the pod i.e. bass treb n mid.. for playing live or should i off them n run through the guitar amp 's(Which the sound man provides my band)  setting or run the settings on the sound man's mixer.

cuz when i use my pod settings.. the sound man adjust his treble n mids settings on his mixer board..  n my tone gets very harsh...(Its like setting both the bass, mids, and treble on my pod and on the mixer board) what should i do?


2. On stage i cannot use the 4 cab method... so can i plug in the jack on the phones input to get a stereo sound.. or will the left/right mono output be enough?


3. what about the line/amp switch near the footswitch.. shoud i switch it to amp or line... while playing live... cuz my guitar output is connected to an amp then the amp is connected to the mixer,.... so am confused...


4. What about my output settings.. turning it to Studio/direct will help??? cuz i find the stack n other setting messing up my sound...


Plz help me out guys i have a gig this week.. and i dont wanna get messed up again... plz answer in details.. would be very greatfull... thnkx

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1. What worked best for me before I bought a DT25 and started using the L6 Link was to use the HD500's right/mono (or left/mono) output straight into the effects return on the amp.  Many people here have also had great results from going straight into the sound board, but it seems that your sound guy doesn't know how to EQ your tone the way you want it (the only solution there is to force him to dial back the mids and highs to where YOU want them to be, not where HE wants them to be).


2. No, don't use the headphone outs - use the HD500's left/right output jacks, that's what they're for. Although, frankly, I've found that stereo output usually doesn't work all that well in live situations; after all, you want the audience on the left side of the venue to hear the same mix as the audience on the right side (and middle).  IMO, I'd just use mono output.  But if you're going to be recorded, you can use the XLR left/right outputs to the recording board.


3. If the HD500 is going directly into the amp's guitar input, set the line/amp switch to amp.  If it's going directly into the effects return (or, on some amps, the Power Amp In jack) set the switch to line.  And, of course, you can always experiment and set it to whatever you think sounds best.


4. You can use the recommendations in the HD500's manual (see below) as a starting point, but many people end up setting it differently from the "recommended" setting. If the HD500 output is going into the power amp or effects return of a combo or head amp, then you'd probably use Combo Power Amp or Stack Power Amp as the output mode (and set the line/amp switch to line).  But there are no set rules - set it to whatever sounds best to you.


- Studio/Direct: Typically the best option when connecting "Direct" to a mixing console or recording device. This signal includes "Studio" Cab Models, Mic Model and an "AIR" convolution to best emulate a mic’ed amp within a room.


- Combo and Stack settings: Optimizes your tone for connecting to an external amplifier. The signal includes "Live" Cab Models,with no Mic Model or "AIR" convolution, with a special EQ curve added for each.


- Combo Front & Stack Front: For connecting into the front input of a typical combo amp or amp head + external cab, respectively.


But, seriously, take a look at the Line 6 documentation - it will make things a lot easier for you.


Good luck with the gig!

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For your gigs this week I'd suggest going direct to the sound board. Use studio/direct, set line/amp to line, and use one of the left/right mono jacks to go to the sound board. Ask your sound guy to give you flat eq settings on the sound board or turn off your eq on the board. Then it would be up to you to tweak the pod amp and effects to get the tone you want. By doing this you simplify the variables regarding your tone and also you are then in charge of your own tone.

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It would depend on the sound board but it would be either 0 (in other words tell him not to boost or cut any of your eq frequencies) or ask him to turn off the eq frequencies for your channel if the board has that capability. But as Joel said the best option is for your sound guy to help your tone because you can't hear what he (and your audience) hears.

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