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No sound from my Flextone II speaker

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I'm not getting any sound from my Flextone II (there is only 1 speaker).  It's just a "regular" Flextone II...not an XL, or a Plus, etc.

I was playing, and then all of a sound.  This amp is about 12 years old, used fairly regularly, very good condition, never dropped (lol), never modified/updated in any way, completely "stock".

  • I am getting power
  • It seems to be ok when using the headphone jack....I can hear the differences when I move through amp choices
  • The Line 6 speaker is not blown...(I ran the speaker leads of another small amp to the Line 6 speaker)
  • I didn't notice anything different about the amp prior to losing sound
  • I removed the head from the enclosure and looked at components....didn't see anything broken, no burn marks, etc.

I will be checking to see if it might be the speaker/lead wire.  Aside from that I don't know what to check.


I'd appreciate any troubleshooting tips....things I can look for or test?

Are there any "typical" issues, or components that blow out on this particular amp?





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