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Help info please JTV-hd500-Mesa dc10 effect loop ?

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I want to go variax to podhd500 output to guitar in of Mesa dc10 fx loop in out from hd500 to Mesa dc10 . I really don't want any amp modelling of the pod hd500 but I do want to use chorus .delay comp boost wha and volume . And Mabey the tube screamer once in a while, so can I route the wha tube screamer compression to front and chorus delay volume pedal in post through the loop? I want my dc10 natural sounding most of the time. No amp models . I love the modelling but not as much as the amp head itself. I couldn't find any info when researching this so.



I have a pod x3 but it packing it in so I just use it for recording.

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I want to also try mic set up and variax control from hd500 . Just want to keep Mesa natural sound most of the time . The same as if were just plugging my guitar into Mesa amp combo. Is this going to be achievable using a pox hd500x?

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The effects loop on the DC10 is a parallel effects loop but it does appear to have a mix control of the return wet amount.


Look up the the four cable method this along with setting the FX mix to 100% should do what you want althought I'm not entirely sure with a parallel loop if it will work.


The basic of it 

Cable 1: Variax to HD500. (likely a VDI connection if using a JTV)

Cable 2: Effects send on POD to to Amp guitar input.

Cable 3: Amp Send to POD return.

Cable 4: POD ouptut to Effects return.


Turn the amp models in the POD to none. Put in the Effects loop on the POD. Effects in front of the loop will be infront of your guitar's preamp. Effects after the POD effects loop will be in the amps effects loop.  Make SURE the Mesa FX mix is set to 100%, otherwise it will not work. You can also play around with using one swtich to turn off the effects loop and turn on amp model and have the best of both worlds. Using the Mesa's preamp when you want, or the PODs when you want. There are some great vids out there just lookup 4 cable method and I'm sure you will find some.

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