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Pocket Pod problem--keeps shutting off/becoming silent

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So I've had my Pocket POD for a while, and it was working pretty well until it was dropped on a hard floor. Ever since, it randomly cuts out the sound (and the LED light freezes), which is sometimes fixable by jiggling the guitar input jack, or by giving it a few whacks. Otherwise, it just starts to fuzz, then emit a high-pitched sound, and then shuts off, then right back on again, working normally. Sometimes when this happens and I hit it, the screen just displays a few black bars on the left-hand side, which go away after a few more slaps.


Oh, and when I turn my amp volume up, the POD seems to be making this crackly sound, kind of like a buzz.


Is some of my hardware messed up? Please help me, I have a gig I want to jam at soon!


Thanks a lot for your time!!

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I would guess the performance problems coming immediately after the drop is no coincidence. You probably damaged something inside, or at least knocked something loose. You (or someone who feels comfortable and is knowledgeable about electronics) need to take it apart and inspect it.

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