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Extending a round robin l6link pair of L2t's...

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In the StageSource pilots handbook, one of the suggested configurations for a pair of L2t/L3t's is as a mix desk free 10 input pa system.

L6Link round robin connects between the two L3t/L2t speakers shares all the inputs across the two speakers.


What I'm interested in knowing is whether it is possible to extend that 2 speaker setup?


I own a pair of L2m's and a pair of L3m's already

I've just bought an L2t to go with (to use as a third floor monitor) and am seriously considering a 2nd L2t for a fourth monitor.


So, for small gigs, where I didn't want to mic up the backline, I'd consider running out with the four L2's (2 L2t and 2 L2m) and plug the vocals and my sax direct into the FOH speakers.

BUT me and the singers would still want monotors.


If I were to L6Link the four speakers as:

L2t#1 (FOH) - L2t#2 (FOH) - L2m#1 (monitor) - L2m#2 (monitor) - L2t#1

Would I simply get the combined 10 inputs from the two L2t's repeated into each of the L2m's?

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If you create a closed loop of the speakers- yes, all signals will be on all the speakers.

Apologies for bring this question back to life but...


This one is for Arne or Don...


So the original question was whether if I had two L2t's and two L2m's and created a closed loop, would all inputs be on all speakers... to which the answer was yes.


Am I therefore safe to assume then that if I added an extra t model speaker into the loop that its inputs would also be shared to all speakers... and that each successive t model added into the loop would result in all inputs on all speakers?

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