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JTV 69 String broken, need new string kit: which one ?

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Hi !

Few minutes ago i broked the 4 (D) string of my JTV69 HSS ... now  i really do not know which string guitar is the best for it !

I already have a kit of  "Erny Balls Slinky Cobalt " 9-42, but it was for my fender strat ... in case ! ...  but maybe ???


Any suggestion will be appreciate.

I do not want to do a mistake !
I play rock, pop, hard rock ect ... not heavy metal for now ! (even if i have some good fiff)
Thank you all
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I would stick with 10-46 since that is what it was set up with.  How long have those strings been on there?????  I like Elixir strings for Variax guitars.  The coating reduces the squeak you get when you move your fingers along the wound strings.  The D'Addario strings that come with it are fine though. (and quite a bit cheaper then Elixir)

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If I was in a bind I would throw the D string from the Cobalt set on there until I could get the correct strings.  There's only a .002 difference in the two (.024 Cobalt .026 D'Addario).


Shouldn't be too noticeable.

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