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POD HD V2.6 firmware question


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I am not acknowledging your info about model packs phil_m because it is irrelevant to my initial comment. My initial comment was that this upgrade contained absolutely no new amps or cabs. The fact that I had to pay for model packs to receive anything extra was still a slight on the initial upgrade. The fact that they have model packs available is not the complaint. They have done this for years. What they have also done for years when introducing new hardware is provide additional models and cabs for free with software updates. The fact that this was an updated version of the Hd500 seems to change that according to TheRealZap? Oh waite, the Vetta II was an updated version of initial Vetta and they provided additional models and cabs for that?


Yes, all model packs and add-ons to any product are ways of squeezing extra money from a consumer. If you do not know this you are naïve, or really bad at understanding basic points in a business model. My initial comment has absolutely nothing to do with the model packs. It has to do with the only significant upgrade to the HD500x is a global EQ.


This is not a bitter email, I can now sell this at a higher price based on the possibilities of someone else having a clear picture of what Line 6/Yamaha's new business model is. Taking 10 year old software and placing it into new hardware and selling it as an upgraded model pack. The fact that this does not effect any of you who bought this as "The most powerful modeler in it's class" is OK with me. This is a forum and constructive criticism of a company that I have utilized since it's initial offering of the AX2 and Spider is allowed and valid.

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I get where you're coming from Culpster but I think the key reason why most disagree with you is your viewpoint on the 500X. If the 500 was still being made, it'd (probably) come with the latest firmware loaded too. Would you argue that you never got new models free of charge? 


The 500X isn't a replacement for the 500, it is the 500 (just made from the components available and relabelled to shift some more units and get press coverage).


By purchasing a 500X, you're already receiving new amp models free, included within it. There's no need to be annoyed about it.

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he knows... thats why he said it *IS* the same... with the components that were available...

meaning yes... the original chips were no longer available... yes the new chips have a little more power....

no it's not something completely new... or it would be the hd600 or hd501

it's basically a hd500 with a hardware refresh which = hd500x 

but it was never a completely new device or marketed as an upgrade to hd500 owners...



The 500X is not the same as the 500.  It has a more powerful DSP, different footswitches, etc.  There are no new amp models in it though.

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