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X3 Live and unintentional use of wrong power supply


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Hi all,


I bought a used X3 Live a few weeks ago online and it shipped with the DC3g (HD-style) power supply. I thought it was a little odd, but it seems to work without issue (so far). After poking around online I've decided to get the old PX-2 from Amazon.


I've been trying to compare the specs between the two adapters and I'm not having much success... I've seen posts stating that one is AC and the other DC, which makes me wonder how this power supply worked at all on the X3 Live.


How does the DC3g power the X3 Live without screwing everything up? Or, have I screwed everything up?



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A DC supply will probably work in place of the AC one but you should use the proper supply.  Going the other way will screw up your pod for sure.  The X3 Live uses an AC supply so the conversion to DC is inside the X3 Live box. (diodes, caps, regulator)  The newer HD pods use a DC supply.

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