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Forget modeling -- how do you like your JTV otherwise?

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So wanted to love this guitar, but after my third JTV 69, I finally gave up. Nothing but neck and tuning problems. So sad that it had all the bells and whistles I was hoping for, but if you can't intonate or tune it, basically what you own is kindling. Both my local Line6 rep and Line 6 manufacturer tried to fix and could not. Waited five months for a replacement and then received the wrong guitar. Waited another two weeks for replacement. The only improvement was that my model selector now worked when I pressed it the first time but the neck was still a train wreck.


My Line 6 distributor refunded my money because my guitar was out for repairs longer than I had owned the guitar. The local distributor also gave me a gift card. I am very disappointed. I thought I had found my dream guitar. Congratulations to all of you who have one that works and is fitting your needs.

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Not sure what your issue was with your 69.  I have never had tuning problems with mine.  The locking tuners are great.  I had to intonate slightly but it's perfect now.  Why did you have to send yours for repairs?

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