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G'day all!.

Sorry If this is in the wrong section, I am a noob at this, admittedly.

I recently obtained my Amplifi tt, and noticed that the instructions are lollipop.  Seriously lollipop.

Let me begin...

Is there a way to import tones from other line 6 devices to the Amplifi tt?  The reason I ask, is because there are very very minimal amounts of Heavy metal tones available for the Amplifi tt.I am a big Cannibal Corpse fan, and have seen many of their tones on earlier line 6 pods (or whatever those things are).


Does anybody else have Latency issues when having the unit plugged usb into pc??(could it have been because it was not in the usb3 port?)


It would be really lollipoping cool if the Amplifi app could stream so my Marshall amp could have both my guitar, and music coming through.  As opposed to now needing to purchase powered rca speakers.


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You can run the Main Out(s) to your Marshall, if it has an FX Loop, route the Main Out(s) the the Marshall's FX Return.

The is no way directly transfer tones form previous Line6 products.

The AMPLIFi does use the xt/Pod Farm algorithms, so you should be able to reconstruct those tones (or come pretty close).

You can also you the Tone Match feature as a starting point too.

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The reason I ask, is because there are very very minimal amounts of Heavy metal tones available for the Amplifi tt.


There are litterally 1000s of heavy metal presets available through the app. It seems that the app will only show a maximum of 30 results though, so be specific when searching and try different search parameters.


It seems a lot of people are confused about the "Amp Out" on the Amplifi (can't blame the manual though, it is quite clearly explained there). If in doubt, use the Main Out. The Amp Out is used when you want to separate the guitar signal from the streaming music. For example to send the guitar signal to your guitar amp and the streaming music directly to the PA.

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You connected the Main Out to the FX Return and get nothing?

I hope the picture appears in the attachment..

I had connected from the mains out of the Amplifi tt to the Fx  return, there was guitar sound, but no music from my songs from my tablet.  Only my guitar coming through.  post-2181576-0-01866600-1426211044_thumb.jpgpost-2181576-0-01866600-1426211044_thumb.jpg

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And the tablet is paired?

Can you see all 100 presets on the tablet?

And you are playing the songs via the AMPLFi Remote app?

Yes they are paired,

Yes I can see all of the presets,

Yes I am playing the songs via the app.  With the sound up on my tablet.  When I turn the  unit off, the music still plays on the tablet, with sound.  Why cant it play on the tablet and be able to use the functionality of the presets also?

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The only other thing I can think of is to reflash the unit and do a factory reset.

If that doesn't work I would call Line6 or submit a support ticket.


Music streamed via the app is routed to the main outs, so what you are describing is not normal.

Do you get guitar and streamed music thru headphones?

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Today I had it all plugged into my blu ray player, and it all ran like a dream!

The quality of my guitar sound was not near as good as my guitar amp, I found it sounded quite fuzzy, and almost like it was coming out of a much cheaper quality speakers.  The said system was very close to $1000 Au.  But nevertheless, I got it sorted, and am happy.

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I know the "Pilots Guide" is lacking in some technical aspects, such as what patch cables to use, (i.e. TS, TRS, RCS, etc) The 1/4" Main Outs are only for plugging into a destination such as a mixing console, PA or powered monitors.  The only way I know of you connect to an amp like a Marshall, Fender, etc. is to go from "Amp Out" to the "input of a guitar amp", in which case Bluetooth audio will not be present at the "Amp Out" and thus not present on the Amp either. It does say you can use "Mains Outs & Amp Out together" in which case the Bluetooth audio would be present at the "Main Outs" (i.e. patched to 2 powered monitors, a PA or mixing console.  What I'm seeing, since I have it only patched up to my home theater stereo system is that I have to bump the volume up on my home theater stereo amp to get decent volume and this is with the volume on the Amplifii TT up at about 3/4. I haven't played a lot with the volume on the remote app for each amp yet, that might bump the volume up some. I've only had it a day. I'm used to playing through a Marshall half stack or a Fender.

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