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Vetta 1 and Expr/Vol pedal issues


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Hello there,

Recently started playing in a band and bought an old Vetta 1 simply for sound and the FX and pedalboard. I have flashed 1.03 works fine except can't get the Vol and Pedal 1 to work as they should. IOW Select any amp and Vol does not work and neither the Expression pedal. Strange enough there are some presets where either of them works OK.. Any suggestions? Tried almost everything and getting a bit stressed. Pretty OK with s/w, flash, parameters and programming. Hopefully there is a simple solution out there. Thanks.

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Pedal presence is actually a part of each patch seperately and is off by default.. You have to turn the foot pedal on then save each patch you want to use the pedals in seperately. Repeat for each patch in which you want the expression pedals active. I know this sounds crazy but that's how mine works. This is probably what is going on with yours. Some patches were saved with the pedals active and others not. I suppose it makes some sense when you think about it.  


PS those toe swicthes are sometimes very stiff so you may have to stand on it hard to get the pedal activated. Once you have it on, save the patch. Don't worry about hurting anything, the pedal board is built very solid and it's just a bit of rubber that you're compressing to get the toe switch to toggle.

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