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Hd500 And Microphone


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Hi all,


I'm wondering what's the best way to use the HD500 for microphone.


We'll be recording on PC so what's the best input output settings?


We'd be recording guitar separate so 


Input 1: mic., input 2: Variax?


Output: Studio/direct.


I suspect HD500 is used more for FX than amps so what FX do you find to be best and in what order?


After doing a search for 'microphone' on Customtone, no patches come up.


Keen to see how others have set their patches for microphone.





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I played a real acoustic guitar (beside the JTV-69). Therefor I used the mic input for a constant micing of the guitar, the aux input for the piezo which I use for solo volume (in case of feedback problems with the mic in higher volumes).

For the mic I used a vintage pre an eq and a little reverb. It is an easy think to dial in a mic and I don't understand the question.

The basic use of the hd is surely as a pedalboard for elektric guitar.

To use it as a pre amp for microphon recording sounds kind of abnormal. Therefor I would prefer a good mic, a tube pre amp and a good reverb unit.

But still the above mentioned setup worked for me. I used it with my acoustic guitar trio, where I used the JTV for some slide-work (great with the tuning without tuning the guitar B) ) I only stopped to play the setup, because we sit on stools and I use the left foot for controlling the volume by a volume pedal. Expression pedal of the hd500 is on the left side. The distance of mic stand (to put the hd500) in front of me was to far. So I stopped using the  hd500, but the sound and handling of the mic was a real good thing.

BTW I believe that the mic input is mostly for use with the talkbox fx ;)

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The basic use of the hd is surely as a pedalboard for electric guitar.


Yes, I use it primarily for electric guitar and mainly for practice, rehearsals and playing on stage. We don't record that often.


We are doing some rough demo recordings for pre-production purposes to see how our songs can sound on CD and I'm thinking why not experiment to see if we can make them sound better.  I will also be using the recordings for home practice.


I would prefer a good mic, a tube pre amp and a good reverb unit.


You can say exactly the same for guitar.


I don't see why you should not experiment and plug in a vocal mic., electric violin, keyboard or any other instrument after all it does have a mic. input and 'there are no rules' when it comes to creating music - apart of course how you rig it up, you don't want to blow up your equipment.  :D


I know of violinists that have used it with good results and one violinist from another forum has emailed me his patches. I will try them when our violinist records her parts to see how they sound.



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